PS4 Users Of NBA 2K17 Can Play A 36-Game Season With The Tutorial

The player featured on the cover of the last 2KSports NCAA basketball video game hasn’t played in the NBA since 2014. The last player on the cover of any NCAA basketball game has already been named an NBA all-star five times.

It’s been a while.

We’re all missing it. But no more. Thanks to a pack of downloadable rosters created by PS4 user SkillazKill, you can play as John Calipari’s loaded Kentucky Wildcats. Or any of the other 35 teams available. After inputting the correct settings, it you can play a 36-game season, even with accurate floor and jersey designs. Unfortunately, it’s only available to PS4 users.

Here’s a screenshot of Florida’s home court. The Gators, Texas A&M and Vanderbilt, in addition to Kentucky, are the four SEC teams available.

Watch the video below for instructions, or follow the steps laid out beneath the embedded video.

Step 1: Go to “MyGM/MyLeague”

Step 2: Click on “MyLeague” and press Triangle to pull up Custom Rosters

Step 3: Search username “SkillazKill” or content ID “College Roster 2K17”

Step 4: Go to “Custom League”, then “Start in Regular Season”

Step 5: Setup Divisions to look like this:

Step 6: Go to “Setup Options” and put in following:

Season Length: 35 Games (optional)

Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)

Simulated Quarter Length: 10 minutes (optional)

Normalize Played to Sim Stats/Minutes: On

Playoff (March Madness) Rounds: 1 Game Each

League Expansion: On (13 Players) – I put 0 also, it didn’t matter

Salary Cap: Off Hard Cap: Off Trade Logic: Off

Injuries: Off

Progressive Fatigue: Off

Gameplay Difficulty: Any

Step 7: Press Triangle to “SELECT ALL TEAMS”

Step 8: Advance

Step 9: Download team’s design by going to “Team Relocation > Download Team Designs > Search Username “SkillazKill” > Click X > “See Other Designs by Creator” > Download whatever team you’re on (for example, 76ers = Miami Hurricanes)

Step 10: Scroll through other teams by flicking the right analog stick right or left Step 11: Repeat Step 9 and 10 for all teams

Step 12: Turn “Fatigue” Off in Options > Settings

Step 13: Go to “Save As” to save another file, if you’d like to play the season over again. (Optional)

Step 14: Enjoy!

Former UCLA player Ed O’Bannon’s lawsuit, O’Bannon v. NCAA settled in 2014, ruled that the use of athletes’ likenesses, even sans names, without compensation violated antitrust laws. The basketball game, however, was discontinued because of a lack of revenue.

Although you can’t donate to any active NCAA athletes, you can donate to the man who brought you these rosters on Paypal.

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